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Selena Gomez News - Question Page
zeykoli asked: will you guys need a new co-owner soon?

I don’t think so, we recently added someone new.

yasmeenfronda asked: how does Selena maintain her hair straight?? cuz we have the same curls and i want to know how she does it.
wecandidpicturesworld asked: Hi, u can follow me please?

This is a Selena Gomez questions page for Selgomez-News. This is a sideblog so we cannot follow back anyone.

tiniaybike asked: Hi! :D I'm Turkish Fans for the blog. Yeah I love you :D OK. My question is : What is Selena doing today? Yeah my question is this. Do you answer Turkish please?

We do not know Selena’s every move so it’s hard to know what she is doing or who she is with all the time. She got breakfast at Quality Cafe then was seen leaving an acting class. 

frkendall asked: Do you think there's something going on with Cara and Selena? I think they're just good friends, but people think there's more going on.

Selena and Cara have been cool with each other since 2010 so has far has we know they are just friends. 

aquaas asked: Hey , did Selena delate her Insta or .... whats happening ?????

its probably a glitch 

frselena asked: What is Selena nominated for in TCA's, and are you guys going to be getting the word out for people to vote? :)

She’s nominated for Female Hottie and Choice Smile but last year she wasn’t happy the fact she was in the Female Hottie because she doesn’t like people judging other by their looks so I don’t think we should really vote

staywithselala asked: I know its a Selena page, but do you know the last name of Mandy?


loveubieber1 asked: is tommy chiabra selena's new boyfriend ?

nothing has been confirmed but we are sure they are friends 

bxdgurl asked: do you know who that guy is with who selena was seen on a jet ski?

Tommy Chiabra