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Selena Gomez News - Question Page
staywithselala asked: I know its a Selena page, but do you know the last name of Mandy?


loveubieber1 asked: is tommy chiabra selena's new boyfriend ?

nothing has been confirmed but we are sure they are friends 

bxdgurl asked: do you know who that guy is with who selena was seen on a jet ski?

Tommy Chiabra

aquaas asked: Do you know what Selena is going to be doing on her bday ?

Since she’s currently in France, she will probably be there. But she can travel today so we’ll know for sure tonight :)

dontletemgetinside asked: Hi. Id like to know if you have informations about Selena leaving Ischia. I'm an Italian fan and I didnt able to meet her in Ischia, but Id like to go to see her at Capodichino, Naples airport, when she leave. Do you have some news about? The Italian organization dont tell us anything! Thank you so much. I hope you'll answer me soon, bye!

We don’t have this type of information, and even if we had, we couldn’t release them for safety reasons. You could check out with other Italian fans that have plans of seeing her, though :)

theperksofbeingajenner asked: Can you pm me the sources??

Sorry don’t understand what you are asking for but the video deadline has been passed. 

aquaas asked: What does Selenas necklace (she was wearing while she was in NY) say ? It looks like a 'word' necklace (hope you understand)

we can’t really tell, sorry!

frlucy asked: Do you know where Selena is at now?

She supposedly left New York so she’s probably in LA or heading there.

loveubieber1 asked: when bella thorne answered that fan question she said that she likes the fact that selena hold her head up after all she's been through . what she was talking about ? what thing she's been through ?

all the hate she receives and the media etc  

mskendallkyliejenner asked: hey, could we please be affiliates? thankyou.

Not accepting any requests at the moment, sorry.