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thgrares asked: (please answer privately) i have some spring breakers stills that haven't been posted anywhere. how can i send them to you? do you have a submit box or something?

Submit it in the official blog’s page.

aquaas asked: Is it true that Selena's mom isn't her manager anymore ?

Yes. Her, her mom & step dad have decided to be just about family instead of always talking about business. 

madisonbeerupdates asked: are you guys looking for a Madison beer tumblr news account to add to your family sites ?

All news blogs can submit their application.

kyliesjenns asked: are you guys planning on adding new members to your team?

Not at the moment, sorry. 

mari0ma asked: hey can u make for me a cover for sel cuz ur covers are great for sellll

i don’t know what you mean by “cover” but we don’t make them. 

kp2103 asked: I've been wondering this for a long time. Is Selena Gomez really tan? Sometimes she looks so white then she looks so dark.

sometimes she goes to tanning salons but her skin tone is naturally “white” or “pale” 

sel-gomez asked: When will you guys announce the 'fan of the month'? :)

At the end of this month! :)

thesilenceofseas asked: When does the KCAs start in french hours? (carpet and ceremony) If you don't know, can you tell in how many hours it starts? :) Thx

So sorry for the super late reply! but the show has literally just started! you can still catch it!! :) I hope this still helps!

thistwistedinsanity asked: What awards is Selena up for at the KCA's tonight? :)

Favorite female singer! :)

raresraresrares asked: I just posted two rares of Sel. If you guys want to re-post them, please credit my site! Thank you. <3

Thank you for letting us know & yes, well will!