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elmaselenator asked: Any info about the channel or time for The Chelsea Lately Finale tonight, please?


elmaselenator asked: It's so weird that it still doesn't appear to me when i check their tweets & also replies. :/ but thank you for the link anyway <3

you’re welcome :)

elmaselenator asked: Hello, can you please tell me where is your last adidasNEOLabel post from? I found it nowhere on their social medias, thank you :)
selenaslaysall asked: when is the documentary called "selena gomez : living the dream" come out? the trailer is on orchard movies on youtube.

this is our first time hearing about this but it’s already out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CSRYzxWXJ0 but you have to pay to watch 

neyymarr asked: Don't you know if Selena will attend to VMA? :)

nothing has been confirmed yet

aquaas asked: Where Justin posted this pic with Sel ? Did he delate it ?

He posted it on his instagram but yes, he deleted it after.

247foodie asked: The picture you guys posted it NOT Selena. Just saying. :-) As a #1 Fanpage you should know that.

We are aware of what Selena looks like.

@darnellappling: Champions”


@justinbieber: Right now everything else is a blur.”


melitmym asked: hi! do you have any group of whatsapp for selena fans?

No, we do not. Sorry.

avonsniall asked: please can you change the events in the 'upcoming events' bit for selena as some of the events have already happened and i would like to know future events for selena, thankyou!

I’ll do that now :)

update: the upcoming events is now updated 

markacrossmyheart asked: hello, hey do you guys know if there will be any love streaming os the teen choice??? I wont be able to watch them on my tv.

if we find some links tomorrow we will post them on selgomez-news :)